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Adoptions can be open, where the adoptive parents know the identity of the birth parents (and vice versa), or closed, where neither party knows the identity of the other. Either situation comes with its own benefits and difficulties. Call our office today to discuss your options.

Adoptions can be facilitated by a licensed agency or by private placement and are commonly utilized by step parents and foster parents. In these cases, it is necessary to terminate the parental rights of either the mother or father or, in the case of foster parents, both.

The adoption process in Texas involves a number of detailed steps that require extensive paperwork. Whether you are trying to adopt or are facing the loss of your parental rights, let us help you navigate the process.

Securing every child's best interests

Adoption and termination of rights

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Open and closed adoptions

• Termination of parental rights

• Step parent and foster parent adoption

• Grandparent adoption

• International, interstate, and local level

• Licensed agency or private placement

• Government subsidies for persons wanting to adopt older or special needs children

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